That's a wrap on 2023, y'all and it's year-end playlist time! You know the only thing we like as much as baseball is music, so this is a big time of year for us. We've compiled a list of 22 favorites this year. Each of these records is attached to a certain time period, a certain set of memories, so it's a great time to reflect and review and recalibrate before the new year hits. 

We really want to thank all of you who have been supporting us, whether you've been with us since the jump, or just found out about us yesterday. We're so appreciative that you've chosen to take the time to make a purchase, or let a friend know about us, or even like a social media post. We appreciate everything. It all matters. You guys are the walk-up song that gets us fired up. THANK YOU!

That said, we've already got a bunch of great stuff cookin' for 2024 and can't wait to share it with you all. Hope you all have a happy, safe, and memorable holiday season. We'll catch you on the flipside.


Arthur & Riley



  • Turnstile - New Heart Design 
  • Two Lanes - Duality
  • Botch - One Twenty-Two 
  • Kaytramine - Kaytramine
  • The National - Laugh Track
  • Harms Way - Common Suffering 
  • Knocked Loose - Deep In The Willows 
  • Explosions In The Sky - END
  • Militarie Gun - Life Under the Gun 
  • End - The Sin Of Human Frailty 
  • Better Lovers - God Made Me An Animal



  • Pile - All Fiction
  • FACS - Still Life In Decay
  • Ex Everything - Slow Change Will Pull Us Apart
  • Rile - Pessimist
  • Fiddlehead - Death Is Nothing to Us
  • Great Falls - Object Without Pain
  • Oavette - LP
  • Loma Prieta - Last
  • Teeth - A Biblical Worship of Violence
  • B. Hamilton - Saigon Market
  • slowdive - everything is alive