photo credit: Jarrod Anthonee

It's been a while! We know we're long overdue for a new installment of our Weekend Playlist series, so we're super excited to finally dust this thing off and share some recent faves with you. We're even more excited to have the legendary David Hidalgo of Social Distortion as our guest this time around! David was born and raised a Dodgers fan, he's a phenomenal presence behind the drum kit, and he's been a huge supporter of Classic Grit since the very beginning. We appreciate the hell outta him, and we're stoked to be able to share his music picks and a short Q&A we did with him. Enjoy!

    CLASSIC GRIT: You’re a diehard Dodgers fan. At what age did that obsession start, and was there a particular player or team (’88 maybe?) that roped you in?

    DAVID HIDALGO: As long as I can remember, I’ve always been a Dodgers fan. It definitely became more of an obsession after the ’88 World Series. I started really paying attention to the game after that series. He’s not a dodger but my favorite player growing up was Roberto Alomar. I played second base and wanted to hit and defend just like him!  I went as far as modeling my stance and swing after him.

    CG: Let’s talk Dodgers — they’re pretty clearly not as stacked as they were last season, the injury bug has hit them HARD, and the division looks stronger than its been in recent years. Do they have a shot? Is the division still theirs to lose?

    DH: I had a very long answer for this question before the All-Star break when they were four games behind AZ., but I lagged on getting this back to you so now things are a bit different. They are four games up on the Giants. The Diamondbacks are 9 games back and easily handled the Padres this weekend who are 11 back. No big trades, but they made impactful ones. Help is coming back from injuries. We’re looking good. The division is definitely theirs to lose! Those pesky Giants just find ways to win. The playoffs are gonna be wild!

    CG: You’ve been a touring musician for over twenty years. We’re sure you’ve seen your fair share of ballparks. Any of them hold a candle to Dodger Stadium on a pleasant summer night?

    DH: I’ve been to 20 parks. That doesn’t include a couple that aren’t around anymore. My goal is to visit all of them at some point in my life. As soon as I get routing for a tour, I check the schedule and see if any games line up. There’s nothing better than baseball on a day off but I also love going between soundcheck and showtime. I’ll hit up minor league games too. I can’t get enough!  I think other than Dodger Stadium, it’s a tie between PNC Park and Fenway.  

    CG: You’ve got a little bit of an obsession with baseball gloves, right? Which is your favorite at the moment? How big is the collection right now? Do you own more baseball gloves or drum kits these days?

    DH: My glove collection is still very small. I have four. My favorite is my Rawlings Heart of the Hide ProNP7, size 12 1/4. My daughter started playing softball and I only had a small infielders glove so I needed something a little bigger to catch those softballs. Luckily she has a cannon for an arm so it broke in rather quickly. I definitely have more drums than gloves. At least I can justify to my wife that the drums actually pay for themselves.  

    CG: You’re like a utility player behind the kit, you can do it all. Whether it’s ripping with The Bronx or Suicidal Tendencies, or keeping things locked in the pocket with Social D or Chuck Ragan, you’ve got it in the bag. How did you develop that diverse skillset?

    DH: Thank you for the kind words!  I learned by playing along to my favorite records. Everything from the Beatles to Black Flag. I definitely think that helped in molding me as a utility player.

    CG: Last one … You hang up the sticks and sign with the Dodgers in the offseason, you break camp with the big club, and you get the opening day nod at 2B. What’s your walkup song, and does it still get you hyped even though the pitch clock cuts it short.

    DH: “Thunderstruck” by AC/DC.  That guitar riff instantly pumps everyone up by itself. No pitch clock can take that away! “Breathe and Stop” by Q-Tip is my back up. I also think I’d choose between the two depending on the situation of the at-bat.  This is my dream, right? 😂



      • The Hives - “Bogus Operandi”
      • Wet Leg - “Angelica”
      • Bad Religion - “Lose Your Head”
      • Phoebe Bridgers - “Scott Street”
      • Mountain - “Never In My Life”


      • Gel - “Dicey”
      • Militarie Gun - “Do It Faster”
      • High Vis - “Fever Dream”
      • Better Lovers - “Sacrificial Participant”
      • Mutoid Man - “Frozen Hearts”
      • Turnstile, BADBADNOTGOOD - “Underwater Boi”


      • Helios - “Fainted Fog”
      • Teenage Wrist - “Still Love”
      • Lifeguard - “17-18 Lovesong”
      • Jaaw - “Thoughts and Prayers (Mean Nothing)”
      • Great Falls - “Stage Health”
      • Pound - “—X—Xxx—Xx—X—Xxx—Xxx”
      • Soulkeeper - “Holy Design”
      • Loma Prieta - “Dose”
      • Teeth - “Hate Me”