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It's Vol. 2 of our Classic Grit Weekend Playlist! This week we're super stoked to have New York Mets hurler and esteemed member of the Pitchers Who Rake Club, Trevor Williams, onboard for a little Q&A and jam sesh. He's a huge music fan, a musician, and his tastes align with ours really nicely, so this is a real treat.

In case you missed the news, every other week we're gonna drop a 10-20 song playlist on you. It'll be packed with songs we're spinning a ton, no matter if they're new or old. We'll also be having special guests from the CG Family drop in occasionally to share their song picks and chat a bit.

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What was the first band/record that really clicked for you? What about them/it drew you in?

I had a friend growing up who had an older brother who wore a lot of black and had gauges. My parents only played Motown music or Beach Boys at our house. So when I went over to my buddy’s house, I HAD to listen to whatever his brother was listening to. He showed us bands like Minor Threat, Slipknot, Metallica, Bad Brains, Nine Inch Nails, The Germs, Linkin Park, Pearl Jam, Blink 182, and Lamb of God. The first time I heard a guitar tuned down and had a singer yell at me I was hooked.

The first record that really hit it off for me was Metallica’s St. Anger. I know I’m going to get a lot of crap for it, but it doesn’t matter. That record was everything to me as an 11-year-old kid who just wanted to play his boom box at the loudest possible setting. I just got a drum set for Christmas and I would play the record on repeat in my headphones. Songs like "Frantic" and "Some Kind Of Monster" made me feel like I could play these songs and become a rock star. God bless my parents for listening to me “cover” these songs all day, every day. I came to realize my sinker was a lot better than my double bass ability.

Why baseball? What about the game speaks to you?

I grew up going to San Diego Padres games. My family had season tickets right behind home plate. They were given to my dad in a will, which is pretty insane. I watched everyone from legends like Tony Gwynn and Trevor Hoffman, to local heroes like Khalil Greene and Ken Caminiti. I loved watching one player/position for an entire inning and seeing how they adjusted from pitch-to-pitch. I fell in love with the cat and mouse game of pitching. Baseball was a sport I was always good at. I was too fat to play Pop Warner football, and when I wrestled I constantly got flipped and put on my ass by dudes smaller than me. In high school, I made the decision to stop all other sports and focus on baseball to get me to college. 

What’s your favorite MLB ballpark and why? 

My first opening day was at Fenway Park in 2017. The day before, it was snowing, and we barely had a window of good enough weather to go out and play catch. Opening day was looking like it would be snowed out. However, the following day it was clear blue skies and 50 degrees out. Tom Brady threw out the first pitch in his “stolen” Super Bowl jersey, and the fans lost their minds. Nothing will ever replicate that feeling I had being on the field for that, the flyover, and the national anthem. That will always, ALWAYS have a special place in my heart.

With that said, Wrigley Field is my favorite ballpark. There’s nothing like the atmosphere there. Its a cathedral. It’s historic. It’s a party. The fans love their team and hate the visiting team. I loved playing there and miss it a lot.

What’s your favorite live music venue and why?

In San Diego there’s a music venue called SOMA. It’s grimy and not many bands like playing there (from the audible groans I hear from musicians when I say I grew up going to SOMA). I saw my first show there when I was in 7th grade. Dimmu Borgir was the headliner. I got to see some of my friends' bands open for big shows on that stage. My first mosh pit was there. I got to see the rise of As I Lay Dying at that venue. I have a ton of great memories there and enjoy going back every offseason. And good news for the bands who avoid SOMA SD, they redid the upstairs area and there’s a sick lounge.

And best show you’ve ever seen?

Best recent show I’ve been to was Turnstile in Brooklyn NY during the 2021 season. There’s nobody like Turnstile.

Now that MLB has (allegedly) decided that pitchers won’t hit anymore, what are you gonna do to get your dinger fix? Join a slow-pitch league? Hijack pregame BP and get some hacks in? Hold a bat in your hands on the bench and stare longingly at the on-deck circle?

I never enjoyed hitting at the major league level. Guys are too nasty. I don't get paid to hit. I never pretended like I was a good hitter. I took pride in getting bunts down but damnit, a 97 mph sinker is hard to bunt. Batting practice at Wrigley was the best because the pitchers would only go on the field to hit if the wind was blowing out. It was a great ego boost. But what will I do now that we can’t hit? Absolutely nothing. I hated it. I can’t wait to pitch longer into games. I can’t wait to sit on the bench and not worry about if my spot is coming up in the lineup. Universal DH, BRING IT ON.



Trevor's Picks

  • END - “Pariah”
  • Johnny Booth - “Crowd Control”
  • Digable Planets - “Pacifics”
  • Soul Blind - “Third Chain”
  • Knocked Loose - “Forced To Stay”

Riley's Picks 

  • Mass Worship - “Portal Tombs”
  • Meshuggah - “The Abysmal Eye”
  • Cult Of Luna - “The Long Road North”
  • Rolo Tomassi - “Prescience”
  • Stray From the Path - “Guillotine”

 Arthur's Picks 

  • Gregor Barnett - “Don’t Go Throwing Roses On My Grave”
  • Spiritual Cramp - “I Feel Bad Bein’ Me”
  • High Vis - “Walking Wires”
  • Converge - “Locust Reign-Redux”
  • Inclination - “Thoughts and Prayers”